Laser ComponentsOpticalPBS splitter/combiner Cube


PBS Polarizing Beam splitter/combiner Cube


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Suitable for 405nm, 635nm, 637nm, 638nm, 640nm, 650nm, 660nm, 445nm, 447nm, 450nm, 470nm and other (see below).

Material: BK7
Dimension: red, blue 10x10x10mm and red, violet 12,7×12,7×12,7mm
Dimension tolerance: ±0.2mm
Surface quality: 60-40
Beam deviation: <3arc minutes
Principal transmittance: Tp>95%, Ts<1%
Principal reflectance: Rs>99%, Rp<5%
Coating: AR on all input and output
AR coating violet: 405nm
AR coating red: 600 – 700nm
AR coating blue: 500 – 540nm
AR coating blue: 445 – 480nm

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