We are 6thD, Czech based company from Pilsen. Our main activity is the production of professional RGB laser systems for laser entertainment. Our biggest advantage is the knowledge of technology given by more than 25 years of own development and innovations. 6thD beginnings of electronics, lasers, lightning techniques dates back to 1984. The company with specialization in lasers for laser entertainment was founded in 2007 as a response to the increasing number of inquiries for the laser systems technology.

Why Choose 6thD?

6thD lasers are fully manufactured in Europe (Czech) with the highest quality components mainly from Europe and Japan including the laser diode sources. Lasers are characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio making these products the ideal choice for professional applications. At present, we produce pure diode RGB laser projectors for laser show entertainment and advertising. The basis of 6thD laser projectors are Japanese laser diodes, top-quality optics, ultra high-speed 6thD drivers and scan units. More than 25 years of experience have enabled us to produce quality products. Positive feedback and especially the return of our satisfied customers are clear proof of it.

High demands on functionality and quality, prompted us to design and manufacture 6thd laser systems with a number of advanced technical details:

• High quality laser sources, NEW 526nm diode greens (10% brighter in compare with 520nm diodes), bright 450nm blue and 638nm red diodes.
• Ultra low divergence beams (0.4mrad full angle models) and excellent collimation for super sharp colors and outstanding performance at greater distances.
• Super fast full analog 1ookHz modulation. Diode drivers by 6thD Lasersystem.
• High quality scanners for hi-resolution graphics (40kpps @ 8° as a standard).
• Active diode termoregulation with TEC (thermo-electric cooler).
• Low maintenance maglev fan, with active regulation.
• Adjustment of power emission for each RGB color, adjustable XY invert and size.
• Lightweight and compact design, less than 9kg models.
• Dust free separate optical design for low maintenance and long lifetime.
• Solid 360° adjustable bracked.
• Safety – complies with the latest EN 60825-1, EN 60950-1, EN 55022, EN 55024, EN 50121-4.


RGB laser system


Laser equipment for sell. Laser display systems, laser modules, scanners, accessories.
lasershow events


Laser shows production, laser mapping, corporate shows, festivals and events, sporting events. Lasershow for everyone.
custom laser equipment


Professional custom design & development of laser equipment, laser modules.
laser support


We repair and service lasers and laser show equipment, as well as doing consulting.

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