LaserShow ControlMoncha.NET BOX, Moncha Laser Control Software


Moncha.NET is a new Ethernet laser show controller with ILDA output.


Moncha.NET is a new Ethernet laser show controller with ILDA output, one DMX output and one DMX input. It’s working completely over Ethernet in real time, or it is even possible to control it over DMX or in stand-alone mode. It allows you to control your Moncha.NET using display and directional keys.

Main benefits

  • Three ways to control: Ethernet, DMX, Stand-alone
  • Possibility to add special board with display: external ILDA, safety key support, X and Y invert integrated
  • 40kpps maximal scan rate is good even for graphics shows
  • Uses standard SD-card with size up to 32GB to store up to 254 complete laser shows
  • You can use any SD-card reader to change the contents of card
  • You can store up to 20 hours of laser show on one SD-card
  • Laser safety – brightness map works also in DMX or Stand-alone mode
  • Fades in brightness map
  • Color optimization – color balance and fade curves on SD-card (works in DMX or Stand-alone mode)
  • Remote control over Ethernet or even Internet (public IP address required) – upload frames and shows, configure stand- alone mode, configure brightness map and color optimization
  • DMX 512 output

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