HIGH POWER PORTABLE LASER - "laser Pointer" :)

The most powerful portable lasers on the world market

Portable hand-operated lasers 6thD are not only absolutely stunning toys for adults, but they  will find the in use, among other things as perfect light indicators for divers or  call for help in an emergency, or just as really strong pointers to the stars or lighters etc.. Lasers will reach the distance of  tens of kilometers depending  on the weather conditions. Most lasers are also visible during the day including the beam trajectories.

Portable hand - operated lasers are manufactured at order and we can offers you the following types: 
  • RED 638nm -  1,5W (1500mW)
  • GREEN 532nm - 1,5W, 2W, 4W (1500mW, 2000mW, 4000mW)
  • GREEN 520nm - 1W, 2W (1000mW, 2000mW)
  • BLUE 445nm -  3,5W, 6W, 7W, 12W, 18W (3500mW, 6000mW, 7000mW, 12000mW, 18000mW)
  • BLUE 465nm - 4W, 8W, 12W (4000mW, 8000mW, 12000mW) NEW!
  • RGB  (multicolor) - 3,5W (3500mW), 7W (7000mW) - 445nm + 520nm + 638nm 

RGB PORTABLE LASER - PROFESSIONAL ("laser Pointer") 7W (7.000mW) - 1024 COLOURS  
Beam 5x5mm, divergence 1.2mR. Price USD 4.960,-

Lasers can be made ​​as waterproof, they are usually resistant to a depth of 30m, custom made and more. Lasers with other outputs or wavelengths can be made according to the customer´s specifications.

Portable lasers are equipped with quality brand components from Japan, USA, Germany etc.  Diodes in lasers work with the values ​​recommended by the manufacturer , high performance is achieved by combining multiple diodes. 

Our portable lasers are equipped with electronics that monitors the optimum operating condition and automatically adjusts to the specific operating conditions. Electronics also monitors the battery condition, we use of the Li-pol, Li-on and Ni-MH types. 

Good quality goggles, power efficient batteries, anodized aluminum case and a battery charger are obvious parts of every laser. 

Example: 2W (2000mW) Green 532nm is: length 290 mm, diameter of 35mm and weight 600g, sunshine hours on one charge - 30min. - price  USD 1.890,-

All lasers are class IV, so it is very important that you are extremely careful when using them , because these lasers can cause damage your sight in an eyeblink or burn or ignite different types of materials. We sell to people of minimum of  18 years of age.  We train how to operate the laser at the purchase. 

We guarantee the perfect performance of all the lasers.


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