6thD is your partner for lasershow events such as music events, concerts, corporate, anniversary & sport events, laser graphics projection, laser advertising or laser mapping. We offer a professional approach, high quality 6thD technology, exclusive content and perfect visibility of lasers in the range of several million colors.

Laser beam show

Laser beamshow consists of laser effects (rays, waves, tunnels, etc.) in sync with music. 3D show with projection on laser screens. At a dance event or performance by a band or artist, a beamshow provide unique experience for event audience.

Laser mapping

Laser mapping – a modern method of advertising. Laser visualization of edges of objects such as houses, monuments or customers products like cars and other objects etc. Very effective and useful when launching a new product on the market.

Corporate events

Laser projection of corporate logos, texts, animations in huge size. Presentation of new products, advertising, exhibitions, trade fairs.


Beyond the boundaries – in lasers we trusts !

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